Our most impactful work thus far is in environmental sustainability, community development, and general health and environmental awareness, geared towards positively influencing thousands of lives globally.

Visionscape’s CSR team at Olusosun Dumpsite.

Who we are

People are at the heart of Visionscape, and we are committed to keeping them safe, ensuring they feel valued, and providing them with excellent personal development and career opportunities. 

Our Initiatives

Earn for the Earth

Our global flagship CSR initiative supports waste miners living and scavenging in landfills. Promoting health, safety, and inclusion. 

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Visionscape Environmental Education Program

VEEP- Our Environmental Education series promotes environmental literacy in the communities we serve.

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VS Sports Program

We believe it essential to help all people achieve their best health potential. Our Sports Programs support active lifestyles by partnering with sports organizations. 

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Visionscape Day

Visionscape Day, is an employee volunteer programme where each employee commits a number of days a year to the service of humanity and the environment. 

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Our Global Impact

Our Global CSR Footprint